Engagement Session in Cabo

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Mathew and Susanna…. Alec and I are so so sorry we almost killed you in the Cabo Surf!  But what a totally cool photo. LOL  Out of the corner of my eye I witnessed Alec getting smashed by a huge wave,  Matthew grabbing a soaked  but beautiful Susanna. And I just kept taking Photos!! I cannot believe Alec was able to save his camera, he was momentarily  stretch Armstrong!! It was the end of the shoot and this is always when we get a little wet anyway!!  Alec and I shot this engagement session last month and cant wait to shoot Matthew and Susanna wedding next June. I love it when we have the chance to have these sessions. Oh and  Matt that tequila Alec shared with you was  Jose Cuervo Tradicional!! love you guys T

Engagement Photography  - 0011121  Engagement Photography  - 0021121

Engagement Photography  - 003921
A few Photos in San Jose Del Cabo

Engagement Photography  - 004921

Engagement Photography  - 005921
Just before the wave!

Engagement Photography  - 006921

Engagement Photography  - 0071021
This is a great Photo! but the next photo..The way Mathew is looking at her just says it all!!
Engagement Photography  - 0081021
Yes Matthew U get to marry her!!!

Engagement Photography  - 009921

Engagement Photography  - 010911
This was the wave! 2 seconds later everyone went swimming!!

Engagement Photography  - 0111311

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5 thoughts on “Engagement Session in Cabo”

  1. Awsome! Man I wish I could have had you do our wedding or family shots! Love you both tons! Xoxo

  2. Matt, Susanna & Alec – these engagement photos brought tears to my eyes as you look so much in love. Any reason for you two to head to the ocean and back to Cabo….. The place and pix are so you…..Can’t wait for June!

  3. Matt and I both got a little misty looking at these. Its like we are there all over again. Getting to meeting you and Alec was by far the best part of our trip, and we cannot wait until June! Thank you both for the amazing photos. They will be treasured for a lifetime.

  4. These pic’s are wonderful !! They have captured Matt and Susanna in their perfect element (on the beach), they both look happy and in love … I love them both !!! Thank’s kid’s !!

  5. thank you both a million for such a good time and the great photos, we’re so happy we get to share this moment with the both of you. COME ON JUNE!!!!

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