Dreams Resort in Cabo Wedding Photos by Alec and T.

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Wedding venues in Cabo San Lucas, I could talk about them all day long.Wedding vendors in Cabo I could also talk about all day long. Actually that’s what I do all day long! Weddings are what we do day in and day out and I cannot imagine my life any other way. Alec and I with out a doubt were meant to shoot this wedding ! Michelle touched my heart on the very first phone call, she is a wonderful person inside and out, and had found the love of her life in Lucas. The wedding photos needed to capture the emotion of the event! The day went as planned (perfect) .. jumping for joy for you guys!! xoxox T

Dreams Los Cabos  - 002_AlecT_Photo16


Dreams Los Cabos  - 001_AlecT_Photo17
Dreams Resort, Cabo wedding

Dreams Los Cabos  - 003_AlecT_Photo13  Dreams Los Cabos  - 004_AlecT_Photo15

Dreams Los Cabos  - 005_AlecT_Photo14
Hair and make up in Cabo! Suzanne!!

Dreams Los Cabos  - 006_AlecT_Photo14

Dreams Los Cabos  - 007_AlecT_Photo15  Dreams Los Cabos  - 008_AlecT_Photo12  Dreams Los Cabos  - 009_AlecT_Photo15  Dreams Los Cabos  - 010_AlecT_Photo14  Dreams Los Cabos  - 011_AlecT_Photo13  Dreams Los Cabos  - 012_AlecT_Photo14

Dreams Los Cabos  - 013_AlecT_Photo16  Dreams Los Cabos  - 014_AlecT_Photo14

Dreams Los Cabos  - 015_AlecT_Photo13
Great Cabo Minister Marco!

Dreams Los Cabos  - 016_AlecT_Photo13

Dreams Los Cabos  - 017_AlecT_Photo13  Dreams Los Cabos  - 018_AlecT_Photo13  Dreams Los Cabos  - 019_AlecT_Photo14

Dreams Los Cabos  - 020_AlecT_Photo13
I think you can feel the wedding?

Dreams Los Cabos  - 021_AlecT_Photo12  Dreams Los Cabos  - 023_AlecT_Photo12  Dreams Los Cabos  - 024_AlecT_Photo13  Dreams Los Cabos  - 025_AlecT_Photo12  Dreams Los Cabos  - 026_AlecT_Photo13  Dreams Los Cabos  - 027_AlecT_Photo11

Dreams Los Cabos  - 028_AlecT_Photo13
Thats a moment! hahhaha I love it! I wanted it as the #1 photo!!

Dreams Los Cabos  - 029_AlecT_Photo11  Dreams Los Cabos  - 030_AlecT_Photo11

Dreams Los Cabos  - 031_AlecT_Photo12
Great flowers! Perfect table!
Dreams Los Cabos  - 032_AlecT_Photo9
perfect wedding detail

Dreams Los Cabos  - 033_AlecT_Photo10  Dreams Los Cabos  - 034_AlecT_Photo10  Dreams Los Cabos  - 035_AlecT_Photo12  Dreams Los Cabos  - 036_AlecT_Photo12

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5 thoughts on “Dreams Resort in Cabo Wedding Photos by Alec and T.”

  1. Michelle Fokakis Armand

    I worked myself into a frenzy and created a story in my head that our pictures would be bad….the subject matter, not the photography skill……….and T would not post them on her blog. Boy was I WRONG!!! She assured me a few weeks ago they were beautiful and she was 100% right. They are FABULOUS!!! I could not have asked for more beautiful pictures. Our day was perfect adn Alec & T captured every moment. I think Alec waited for the perfrect moment to take a picture of my dad and I walking down the aisle. It captures every emotion of an elated bride and a proud father giving away his baby girl.

    My best friend coordinated our reception decor and decorations. When we arrived at the reception everyone was sitting down. T commented on how beautiful the table was and how she thought it would make a great picture. I immediately told everyone to get up, put their napkins back and push in the chairs. I am sooooo, soooo glad I cleared everyone from the reception table so we could have a pristine picture to cherish. The table is gorgeous. At least now I have something to remember for all the money I spent on flowers at the last minute!!!

    We loved our wedding and I am so glad we chose you and Alec as our photographers. I knew I would not have to worry about the pictures and after booking I never had a second thought!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS – You could have put the peek-a-boo picture first. It is precious!

  2. This sample of pictures are beautiful. They are so crisp & clear. Alec & T captured some real moments and I think the pictures are outstanding. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

  3. Riley Fokakis Brown

    The bride, groom and setting are beautiful and the photography captures it PERFECTLY. Thanks for sharing, Momma M [:-3
    XO Riley

  4. Dearest Alec and T!

    After seeing this beautiful set of images I can only say… Thank you for always being there for so many brides and grooms… Lucas and Michelle were so fun, I just saw them again at Dreams after one year of their wedding!!!!!! You are amazing and I am so glad to see you every time 🙂

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