Destination Weddings in Cabo San Lucas

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

According to Alec and T Photographers, when it comes to having a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, you just can’t lose its unforgettable, romantic, and emotional backdrop is just what brides-and-grooms-to-be need in order to celebrate their love and lifetime commitment for each other. However, regardless of where in Mexico you want to get married aside from that particular Cabo —whether it’s in Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo— you have to follow a couple of important rules and preparations.

Esperanza resort a favorite of Alec & T.
Esperanza resort a favorite of Alec & T.

In order to fully let brides and grooms relax and unwind inside a magical umbrella of a lively nightlife and gorgeous beachfront locations, they’ll first need to first accomplish the following nuptial requirements. First off, they need to present the following documents in order to get married at Cabo San Lucas: Certified birth certificates, divorce decrees for those who have been married, health tests, travel cards, and passports. You need to get all these from the get go to avoid any unpleasant, out-of-the-blue troubles.

The Chapel at Cabo Azul in Cabo San Lucas
The Chapel at Cabo Azul in Cabo San Lucas
Sunset da Mona Lisa in Los Cabos Mexico
Sunset da Mona Lisa in Los Cabos Mexico

As for your travel plans, flight is the best course of action when getting to Cabo San Lucas save of course for people who reside locally in Mexico. Ensure that all the travel expenses and other miscellaneous costs are taken care of before taking that flight and plunge into blissful, holy matrimony. You’ll probably need to pay for the travel details of your wedding guests as well, so include that in your overall budget. Because your marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then take that very opportunity to splurge on yourself and others.

Legal costs shouldn’t be neglected either. A Cabo San Lucas marriage license costs about three hundred and fifty dollars. On top of that, you should also take a blood test before getting wed, which should cost you about a hundred bucks and must be completed in Mexico. Finally, a complete Cabo San Lucas wedding suite of sorts should compose of a wedding cake for ten to twelve people, champagne, witnesses if needed, a bilingual minister, and legal fees.

Don’t forget to capture this life changing moment through the very professional lens of Alec and T Photography.

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