Destination Wedding Photography in Mexico and the USA

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Destination Wedding Photography in Mexico

Destination wedding photography in countries as diversely populated as the U.S. or as culturally rich as Mexico deserve the attention of professional photographers. On that note, you need the care and attention of experts who’ve been everywhere, seen it all, and are specialists when it comes to capturing your special moment the way it’s supposed to be captured.

With that said, Alec & T. Photography covers destination wedding photography for both the United States of America and Mexico—i.e., two of the most scenic countries when it comes to destination wedding photography. Simply put, if you’re planning to have a destination wedding in any one of the many different tourist attractions in America or Mexico, then Alec & T. Photography will ensure that the pictures you’ll get are worthy of a magazine spread.


Whether you want to have an American destination wedding—which includes prime locations such as New York, California (either Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego), and Hawaii—or a Mexican destination wedding—which includes beach paradises such as Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya, San Jose Del Cabo, Los Cabos, and Cabo—it’s always prudent for you to find a photographer that’s willing and able to incorporate the majestic scenery of your venue into the glorious event of your nuptials so that a perfect balance between the story of your love and the place where it all happened is established.

It’s pointless to invest on a destination wedding and end up with a mediocre, middle-of-the-road photographer that wastes the beauty of the environment and the joyousness of the event with his limited photography skills. Thankfully, the wedding photographer specialists at Alec & T. Photography have just the know-how and seasoned experience to avoid such a disaster from happening. The professionals behind the company are actually a husband and wife tandem that has been working together for more than a decade or so. They themselves were married back in 2006.


They also bring along with them over twenty-five years’ worth of experience from working on eighty television commercials, innumerable photo print campaigns, and cinema. Most importantly, they’re very adept at making people feel at ease so that every last captured moment looks natural instead of forced; their credo is to keep you comfortable so that the photographs you end up with is beautiful enough to make it into the pages of a professional magazine or a “Best of” portfolio. Every last smile and sense of idealistic hope is recorded for posterity by these specialists in the realm of destination wedding photography.

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