Destination Wedding Photography in Los Cabos Mexico

Los Cabos Mexico is a dream destination wedding location! Chad and Jen were married at a private villa in Pedergal. The ceremony was on the beach just steps away from the villa. The wedding was organized and catered by Lazy gourmet And the food was out of this world. Once again Tracy and her team did a spectacular job. Congratulations Chad and Jen!!

Private Villas  - 001311
The life of a wedding!
Private Villas  - 002411
Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Private Villas  - 003311
Chad and his grooms men
Private Villas  - 004411
Jen just before her ceremony
Private Villas  - 005311
I loved this photo of the bridesmaids
Private Villas  - 006211
This group shot was taken just after the ceremony everyones feet are off the ground!!
Private Villas  - 007211
Los Cabos Mexico a peaceful beach
Private Villas  - 008311
A little direction from me, this is my favorite part. the fun photos!!
Private Villas  - 009311
Pedergal beach, Los Cabos Mexico
Private Villas  - 010311
Pedergal beach
Private Villas  - 011311
cocktails while we were shooting sunset photos! but of coarse!!
Private Villas  - 012311
the table settings were so beautiful, I loved the bright colors
Private Villas  - 013211
the menu
Private Villas  - 014311
Let them eat cake!!
Private Villas  - 015211
a perfect Los Cabos sunset

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