Destination wedding Photography

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Wedding Photography: Treasure the Moment

Wedding photography is one of the basic true necessities of a wedding. Without pictures there would be no memories. Pictures are not just pieces of paper lying around. They contain actual events that took place in your life and those which were of immense importance”. Alec & T. Photography


Coming to wedding photography, Alec and T. are one of the best out there. Their wedding style is both candid and choreographed. They capture pictures at random and some which have been choreographed to a certain pose. They have had quite a lot of experience, 25 years to be exact, and their top priority is to make the people feel comfortable in front of a camera. They specialize in destination weddings mostly in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo, Cabo, Mexico, Los Angeles and San Diego

They create pictures which are full of love, passion and laughter. Their pictures contain energy and laughter. Looking at their pictures one cannot say that it is just a picture, for their photography truly deserve the famous cliché, a picture says what a thousand words cannot say.

Cabo San Lucas wedding Photography
Cabo San Lucas wedding Photography

Photography is not to be taken lightly; it is an art in itself. Who says capturing the perfect moment is just a snap away. Alec and T, show that the moment is not only precious but also worth a lot more. If you see their work, you will realize that pictures are worth much more. They unfold whole stories and depict thousands of emotions in them.

Alec and T. themselves say,” but most of all we have the gift to make you feel comfortable with the camera “comfortable and beautiful”, and from this we can see the passion and zeal behind their work. They don’t think that they are only taking pictures; they believe they are creating the pictures and are reliving the moment. They also promise to smile with us. This shows the ease with which they work. This also portrays how willing they are to put the people at ease so that complete natural pictures are taken.


More information and details about their work can be found at their website which is . Here you can see samples of the pictures they have created and the precious moments of life they have captured.

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