Destination Wedding, Casa Dorada, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

I have to start with Lynsey and Chris we love you !! Lynsey and I became friends in the process of her wedding planning and I’m sure will stay this way forever! I think it started when she said she wanted to get married on the beach out front of Casa Dorada… I had a heart attack….Then I begged her to have her ceremony on the deck. NOT THE BEACH!! No No No.. The deck at Casa Dorada is beautiful ( with views) and is a great ceremony setting, The beach is just to busy with tourists, and makes it almost impossible to get pretty clean ceremony photos.  Alec and I think that the 12 tribes restaurant is a fabulous setting and the resort is a wonderful wedding location. Lynsey was saved by the bell and did have her wedding ceremony on the deck. GREAT PHOTOS! Private elegant ceremony. The wedding coordinator made this wedding completely unique!! I loved the way the chairs angled and the chuppah was super romantic one of my favorites. During the ceremony a little bird landed on the corner of the chuppah and chirped ( It felt like out of a movie) The details of orchids on silk ribbons and pink satin pillows  thrown around, nothing looked commercial everything looked handmade and placed with care.  I received a beautiful email from Lynsey saying her wedding was perfect that she would not have changed a thing!! This is exactly what we love to hear. Everybody come to Cabo!!!

Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 001101
Casa Dorarda Lobby
Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 00291
Just before the ceremony
Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 003101
I wonder what shes thinking? Hmmm
Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 00491
Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 00591
The balcony of her suite at Casa Dorada
Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 00691
The Deck at Casa Dorarda! I told you it was beautiful!!
Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 00791
What a beautiful romantic chuppah
Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 00891
Sexy, Sweet and just plain happy!!
Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 00981
Chris I told you she could run cute!

Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 01091

Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 01171
Sarai from Signature Weddings guards the bridal shoes!

Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 01261  Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 01351

Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 01451
The cutting of the wedding cake
Casa Dorada Los Cabos  - 01541
Casa Dorada pool area

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11 thoughts on “Destination Wedding, Casa Dorada, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico”

  1. These are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Lynsey is my daughter and I think she is beautiful but your work is increatable. I can’t wait to see more.

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  3. Josefina Argüello

    Oh my god. Those pictures are amazing – AMAZING. I got married in this place of Los Cabos, and i wish my photos were like this. She looks sooooo beautiful ^^

  4. Love the pictures! You guys are simply amazing! This little peak has us so excited…can’t wait to see the rest.

  5. Great pictures!! this type of weddings always makes me think of how important details are!! beautiful work, simple, romantic, elegant!! Congratulations to you and all the team involved.

  6. I love her dress!!! That is exactly what I am looking for but haven’t been able to find. Would love to find out the designer!

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