Club 96 Palmilla Wedding Los Cabos Photographers Alec & T.

A dream destination wedding venue. Club 96 is a private beach club located in Los Cabos, Mexico. This exclusive club sits next door to One & Only Palmilla. This is the first wedding we have shot at Club 96. It’s amazingly beautiful!

The event started with a beach ceremony, then moved to the club for cocktail hour and a dinner reception, followed by an amazing after party. The local band Kilometro played for several hours and had everyone on the dance floor! I love that band, you feel like you’re at a concert. Beth and Chip had a killer wedding.

Club 96 gets my vote for the best food I have ever had at an event in my whole life. This wedding also gets the vote for best father-of-the-bride speech I have ever heard in my whole life. We just finished editing the video; I listened to this speech at least four times and was choked up every damn time. “Hall of Fame” speech, I tell you!.

Timing of events is so important to Alec and me. If things run late, we lose light. If we lose light, our romantic and fun couple photos are doomed. Most of the time we only have  25 or 30 minutes with the bride and groom after the ceremony, and we count on the wedding planner to keep things on schedule.  As you can see by this blog, everything was PERFECT. Thank You Amy! Chip and Beth got great photos!! This was an event to remember. Thank you Beth and Chip for trusting us to capture your day and freeze it in time!! T

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 001_AlecT
Cabo San Lucas Club 96 Wedding Photography by : Alec and T.
Club 96 Los Cabos  - 002_AlecT
Destination wedding Los Cabos Mexico

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 003_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 004_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 005_AlecT
Mexico weddings Alec and T. Photography

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 006_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 007_AlecT
One and Only Palmilla Los Cabos weddings
Club 96 Los Cabos  - 008_AlecT
Cabo San Lucas wedding hair and make up

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 009_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 010_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 011_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 012_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 013_AlecT
The wedding Stationary and Invitations blew me away. The design was beautuful !!

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 014_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 015_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 016_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 017_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 018_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 019_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 020_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 021_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 022_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 023_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 024_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 025_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 026_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 027_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 028_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 029_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 030_AlecT
Cabo beach wedding

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 031_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 032_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 033_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 034_AlecT1

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 035_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 036_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 037_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 038_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 039_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 040_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 041_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 042_AlecT
My Office!!

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 043_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 044_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 045_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 046_AlecT
Amy gets a well deserved kiss

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 047_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 048_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 049_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 050_AlecT
Beautiful Club 96 Los Cabos Mexico

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 051_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 052_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 053_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 054_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 055_AlecT
I love this photo

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 056_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 057_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 058_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 059_AlecT
Beautiful wedding cake

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 060_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 061_AlecT
Cabo Live Band Kilometro
Club 96 Los Cabos  - 062_AlecT
Los Cabos weddings
Club 96 Los Cabos  - 063_AlecT
This was a great moment

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 064_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 065_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 066_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 067_AlecT

Club 96 Los Cabos  - 068_AlecT
For you Beth and Chip!  xxxxT

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11 thoughts on “Club 96 Palmilla Wedding Los Cabos Photographers Alec & T.”

  1. T! Your work is seriously INCREDIBLE!! I knew from the moment we got engaged that I wanted you to be a part of my wedding. After the first time we talked on the phone I felt like I knew you. I could hear the excitement in your voice and it makes me so happy to know that you absolutely love what you do. I have to admit that I am jealous of your office! I am always amazed when I look at your blog and see all of the gorgeous wedding photos that you produce. Each and every picture is taken with purpose and you know how to capture the beauty of the moment. We loved working with you and Alec and think the world of you. Ya’ll are a fabulous team!! The pictures are stunning and capture the emotion and excitement from our day. I know the video will be equally amazing… can’t wait! Love, Beth

  2. Alec and T: These pictures are amazing!! I want to frame every picture that you have posted because they are all amazing. All of our friends and family have raved about the wonderful job you did! I cannot wait to see the video and get back down to Cabo for the “trash the dress” shoot! I hope all is well and thanks for your hard work!

  3. What a great blog post and shoot! We always L-O-V-E working with you both. Your photos speak for themselves. Gorgeous.

  4. Congrats Alec & T, you guys are truly amazing, keep up the great work.
    Ali Ordonez
    Managing Partner

  5. Alec and T,

    Thank you so much for capturing the essence of what was one of my all time favorite weddings.

    I felt like I was reliving the moment again. The photos are simply priceless.

    Besos to the moon and back,


  6. Wow! The photos were fabulous….artistic and lots of fun!! Way beyond my expectations (that were already so I have seen your work!!!) You all are, hands down..Best Wedding Photographers ever!!!!

  7. Beth, I remember every minute and every detail of our first meeting. You need to stay my friend!! Just wait until you see the video!!! Your Dad.. oh my God.. That speech.. 500 weddings and no one comes close. My whole life in show business… but that speech. wow. wait till the rest of the photos!!~ xx T

  8. Chipper!! I have some photos of you with your Mom and Dad that are so beautiful!! The trash the dress is a must!! you have over 1000 photos still coming. and they all are amazing. what a great wedding!!

  9. Amy!! Thank You for always making us “Alec and T” Important !! You help us to be a better Photographers on all your events. PS YOU ROCKED!! This wedding will always stick in my head. as wowowow.. What a great event! xx xox T

  10. Pam, Thank you so much! I wish I could see you, when you look at the video.LOl I am not even a family member and I looked at it many times. Its a precious priceless time. I am so happy , it was us.. Alec and me ! see you soon XX T

  11. T– I seriously cannot stop looking at these photos! They are AWESOME!!!. I love the one where Alec captured you taking our photo on the beach. I’m so glad that we’ll have some photos with you in them! Hope all is well! xoxo Beth

    On the video…. LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! Thank you Alec & T!! Ya’ll are the best EVER! I love how the video trailer is built around the speech… absolutely perfect. I am amazed at all the great shots you were able to capture. I feel like I was re-living the day after watching it. We love you!!


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