Ultimate Cabo Wedding Venue- Esperanza Resort

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Cabo Wedding Venue – Esperanza Resort, Los Cabos Mexico. If you read my blog, you already know- I am head over heels in love with  Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas,  Mexico.

The resort is breathtaking and hosts weddings excellent! We love shooting at this venue.

If your thinking about Esperanza for your wedding, contact us – we can help you get started.

I met Lauren about a year ago in Los Angles and instantly loved her. I was looking forward to this wedding for a long time.  The ceremony took place on the beach and it was high tide, very high tide- 10minutes after the ceremony,  a wave came and almost took the chairs. Lauren and Cory had perfect timing the entire day! Everyone at this event had a great time- She looked like a Princess in her custom made Lazaro gown!  This was truly a luxury wedding- Wedding Video coming soon!!

Esperanza Resort  - 001_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - DSC2274-Edit

Esperanza Resort  - 003_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 004_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 005_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri


Esperanza Resort  - 006_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 007_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 008_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 009_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 010_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 011_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 012_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 013_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 014_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri
The greatest Dad moment- I love this

Esperanza Resort  - 015_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 016_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 017_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 018_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 019_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 020_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 021_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 022_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 023_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 024_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 025_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 026_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 027_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 028_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - DSC0744-Edit

Esperanza Resort  - 030_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - DSC0746-Edit-Edit

Esperanza Resort  - 032_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri
This was it-

Esperanza Resort  - DSC0745-Edit

Esperanza Resort  - 034_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 035_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 036_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 037_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 038_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 039_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 040_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 041_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 042_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 043_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 044_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 045_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 046_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 047_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 048_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 049_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 050_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 051_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 052_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 053_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 054_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri

Esperanza Resort  - 055_Esperanza-Beach-Resort-Los-Cabos-Siri


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6 thoughts on “Ultimate Cabo Wedding Venue- Esperanza Resort”

  1. Jen Siri Johnston

    WOW! It was like I was there all over again. Absolutely spectacular photos! Brought tears to my eyes!!

  2. Di Siri Byers

    Such a magical day captured so beautifully in photos! The most beautiful bride and groom inside and out!

  3. Lauren Siri Hjelmeir

    Alec and T-
    Thank you so much for this amazing gift. I love this blog post because it really captures all of the candid and unique moments of the day. It was a surprise looking through each and every one. I know many of the more formal photos are yet to come in the mail and I can’t wait to see them. However, you nailed capturing the entire essence and energy of the day with these posts.
    To those viewing the blog who are considering booking A&T:
    If you get the chance to book them…DO IT! What you get with Alec and T is so much more than a wedding photographer. They provided me with an avenue of people to trust (while booking this wedding from the USA) and led me to almost every single one of our amazing vendors, from DJ, to lighting, to floral, and to the hair and make up team. They have established themselves in Cabo and every person I talked to absolutely LOVES working with them. We owe everything to them and they will always hold a special place in our hearts.

    Thank you Alec and T!!
    Lauren and Cory

  4. OMG!! Gorgeous pictures. I am so glad we were there to savor every moment. What beautiful memories.
    Much love from Cool & Fudd

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