Cabo Wedding Photographer, Esperanza Resort By: Alec and T. Photography

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Dawn and Ryan, A beautiful Esperanza wedding!!  Cabo San Lucas Mexico is in my book a perfect destination wedding location. The Esperanza resort and spa is spectacular and lends itself to great photography. Dawn & Ryan contacted us last August , I was in the Pacific Northwest getting ready to give birth to our son Liam. As soon as I found out they were also from the N.W. I knew we would be a perfect match.. REAL …Alec and I have a very candid wedding photography style. We shoot your wedding as its naturally unfolding. Nothing stiff nothing contrived. Dawn had a very regal side to her that worked perfect with the sexy black and white, Ryan we just let him be and his emotion of the day lead us. I fell head over heels in love with Tatum Ryan’s daughter ( Dawns new daughter! yeah!!) her spirit was so pure and the love she had for her father was above and beyond ( so easy to capture). Ryan, Dawn and Tatum,  Alec and I send our love out to you!! It was a joy to be apart of your wedding day!! Besos T

Esperanza Resort  - 0011011
Alec NOOOOO!!!!! not again
Esperanza Resort  - 002811
The beach in front of the Esperanza resort
Esperanza Resort  - 003811
Dawn gets ready
Esperanza Resort  - 004811
pre ceremony. I think I was almost in the closet at this point. hehehe
Esperanza Resort  - 005711
Esperanza Resort  - 006611
The cuff links were Ryan’s Dads, beautiful wedding memories
Esperanza Resort  - 007611
Dawn really looked like a movie star
Esperanza Resort  - 008811
The wedding rings
Esperanza Resort  - 009711
I could not resist we had to get Dawn to stretch out. She looked perfect in the light
Esperanza Resort  - 010711
Ryan just before the ceremony
Esperanza Resort  - 0111011
Dawn just before ceremony
Esperanza Resort  - 012711
Dawn & Ryan’s ceremony set up
Esperanza Resort  - 013611
Take a look at Tatums face..Is that pure love or what!! Its all about the emotion of your day..
Esperanza Resort  - 014711
I repeat, check out the emotion! Passion and joy
Esperanza Resort  - 015611
These three musketeers, had a blast all day!
Esperanza Resort  - 016511
OK we have to squeeze in a few posed photos.. every once in a while….
Esperanza Resort  - 017311
every one is doing something in this photo, I loved it when I saw it from a distance
Esperanza Resort  - 018311
 This was Bobby, Dawns Mother. I was behind a tree bracing myself, so I could shoot with out flash and go undetected!!
Esperanza Resort  - 019311
The Esperanza green
Esperanza Resort  - 020211
Fabulous hair and Makeup by my friend, Suzanne Morel, Cabo San Lucas
Esperanza Resort  - 021311
Those 3 musketeers again
Esperanza Resort  - 022211
Over looking the ocean
Esperanza Resort  - 023211
Esperanza Resort  - 024111
The terrace at the Esperanza over looks the ocean
Esperanza Resort  - 025111
Dinner begins
Esperanza Resort  - 026111
The wedding cake
Esperanza Resort  - 02711
You should have seen this dance..the cutest thing ever!
Esperanza Resort  - 02811
The moon sets in Cabo

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4 thoughts on “Cabo Wedding Photographer, Esperanza Resort By: Alec and T. Photography”

  1. WOW! Amazing photos Alec and T. We cant wait for you to shoot our wedding! You guys are the best I have seen, love your candids. Laura

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