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T. Thompson

T. Thompson

A little advice from a destination wedding photographer. Lets chat about your ceremony set up. If you think its not important think again. If your wedding photography is important to you then so should your ceremony set up! I recently did a wedding and the set up was worse then United Airlines and they had the entire beach to take advantage of I put some guidelines below. Find out whom is placing the chairs and the chuppa and do not assume that they know what they are doing take charge and make sure your wedding planner or florist is aware of what you want. The pointers below will make sure your wedding photos are the best they can be!!

1.The set up should be in an angle to the sun ( you do not want to be squinting the whole time)

2. Leave at least 9 feet from the last row of chairs and the chuppa ( this is a big one)

3. The aisle should be wide and long 3 people should be able to comfortable walk down side by side

4. If using urns or vases at the front they need to be far enough apart that they do not cause shadows in the bride and grooms faces

5. Do not have anything hanging down from the front of the Chuppa or fabric draping to low.

6. Look to see what is directly behind will be in your photos( trash cans,beach showers you get the idea)

7. Do not have the back of the ceremony set up to close to a wall or pool  ( your photography and videographer need room  to back up)

Great ceremony set up. I only like benches for small weddings
Great ceremony set up. I only like benches for small weddings

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