Cabo Villa Weddings, Photo and Video by ALEC & T. Photography

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Villa weddings in Cabo! Choosing a villa as your wedding venue is a great option. If privacy and intimacy is your goal I think you cant go wrong. Cabo is known for its amazing villas for rent. Jim and Jody had contacted me many months ago and talked about the option of a villa wedding it was very exciting I just adored them both. Then one day I got a phone call and Jody informing me some issues had arrived and the wedding would be canceled.  This was 1 month prior wedding date .. I said NO NO NO!! The wedding must go on, you have your dress,  your shoes your villa,  your friends and family ( what else do you need??)  Like the story of Cinderella all my friends jumped into gear #1 Matter of Taste Catering designed an amazing menu arranged for the tables and chairs and many details like the very cool fireworks show.  The music, the cake, the time-line… Everything was put together in a few weeks and the wedding went off PERFECT!!  Jody and Jim enjoyed every minute of the day, I was so excited when Jody told me she had 2 dresses and 1 of those was jumping in the ocean Wooohoo!! MESS THE DRESS. This couple went into the ocean with total passion and joy no inhibitions at all.  It was a warm Cabo day..I wished I could have jumped in!! What a joy what a pleasure Jody and Jim,  Alec and I wish you all the best that this world can send your way.  xoxox T

Private Villas  - 00112  Private Villas  - 00212  Private Villas  - 00310  Private Villas  - 00410  Private Villas  - 00510  Private Villas  - 00611  Private Villas  - 00811  Private Villas  - 00910  Private Villas  - 01010  Private Villas  - 01114  Private Villas  - 01211  Private Villas  - 01312  Private Villas  - 01411  Private Villas  - 0159  Private Villas  - 01612  Private Villas  - 01712  Private Villas  - 01810  Private Villas  - 0198  Private Villas  - 0208

Private Villas  - 0218
Sexy Sexy

Private Villas  - 0228

Private Villas  - 0238
I love the glow on the water

Private Villas  - 0247  Private Villas  - 0257  Private Villas  - 0267

Private Villas  - 0277
Ceremony set up was beautiful, I loved the dark brown benches

Private Villas  - 0286  Private Villas  - 0295  Private Villas  - 0305  Private Villas  - 0315  Private Villas  - 0325  Private Villas  - 0335

Private Villas  - 0345
Great Group !!
Private Villas  - 0355
Everything from Matter of Taste catering looks and tastes great!

Private Villas  - 0365

Private Villas  - 0375
Mom and Dad had fun watching the crazy photoshoot!!

Private Villas  - 0385  Private Villas  - 0394

Private Villas  - 0403
What a beautiful family !!

Private Villas  - 0414

Private Villas  - 0424
Nobody was staying dry

Private Villas  - 0442  Private Villas  - 0452  Private Villas  - 0462  Private Villas  - 0471

Private Villas  - 0481
Matter Of Taste catering at work

Private Villas  - 0491

Private Villas  - 0501
Amazing tables Thank you Cabo Floral Studios and Suzanne Morel Linens and Things!!

Private Villas  - 0511  Private Villas  - 0521  Private Villas  - 0531

Private Villas  - 0541
A perfect ending to a perfect day

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4 thoughts on “Cabo Villa Weddings, Photo and Video by ALEC & T. Photography”

  1. Stunning pictures, black and white picture with the couple laying in sand is beautiful. Love it when a bride is willing to do anything for the perfect photograph. Bride in pool is great, wish more brides had her spirit.
    Nick Jackson
    Provide beach wedding packages

  2. Thank you for these great pictures and for allowing us to be part of this beautiful wedding with our hair and make-up services and our new linens! We were very exited and you all did a wonderful work… Can’t wait for our next wedding all together!

  3. Alec & T….you were amazing!! Jim and I had so much fun working with you ~ and the sand and water pictures were so great! Everyone that knows me said that you nailed the pictures…free spirited and having fun! Thanks for giving us that opportunity. Jim and I owe all the thanks to you in the world for talking me back into pulling off our wedding. You rallied the troops and came up with the best of the best. Our sincere thanks to Rene and Cabo Floral Studio for making flower arrangements that would be the envy of anyone! They were beautiful!! Thanks to Suzanne and Elsa for making me beautiful…I felt like a princess! And helping with the beautiful set up of my white wedding come to life with beautiful linens…and last but for sure not least…Julianne and her Matter of Taste team! What is even left to say…our food was over the top! All that you did in pulling things together and not only stepping in as my planner but as my friend was so nice. Lisa and the rest of your staff was what kept us all together and smiling!! Our experience all said and done couldn’t have gone off any better…I couldn’t have scripted a movie this good…all thanks to our new friends!!

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