Cabo San Lucas Wedding Photographer ALEC and T. Villa Wedding

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

As a wedding photographer in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Alec and I have the chance to see amazing wedding venues. This wedding was no exception. Villas Del Mar in Palmilla was the wedding location of  West and Nancy s  intimate wedding. Two beautiful villas side by side owned by Wests father who by the way is a wonderful Photographer!!!. I called Nancy one evening and I could have talked with her for hours. That was it!  we were a perfect match!! Fast forward to the wedding day. As Alec and I arrived the doctor was leaving…Nancy was feeling awful and really just wanted to sleep ( every brides nightmare) Thank God for Cabo house calls.  The first few hours were a bit shaky, but as the day went on Nancy seemed to feel better, Thanks to an amazingly loving and caring West whose only concern was for Nancy. Even though the day started out not perfect, I believe it ended perfect. As we were leaving we had to stop and hug everyone, This was a wedding filled with loving caring and just great people all the way around. We will see you both soon in Cabo . xox Alec and T

Private Villas  - 00134

Private Villas  - 00229
Wedding rings
Private Villas  - 00327
She even looked pretty not feeling well

Private Villas  - 00427  Private Villas  - 00525  Private Villas  - 00628  Private Villas  - 00726  Private Villas  - 00826

Private Villas  - 00925
Wests father was the wedding officiant and did a great job!
Private Villas  - 01026
Friends and Famliy

Private Villas  - 01129  Private Villas  - 01227

Private Villas  - DSC5845-Edit-Edit

Private Villas  - 01429  Private Villas  - 01329

Private Villas  - 01526  Private Villas  - 01629  Private Villas  - 01730  Private Villas  - 01825

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9 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas Wedding Photographer ALEC and T. Villa Wedding”

  1. You are amazing – I was barely able to stand that morning and your genuine concern and light happy attitude helped elevate the rather touchy moments and make everyone feel comfortable…thank goodness you captured the best parts of the day, perfectly – seeing these made me cry, it was such a perfect day – we can’t wait to see the rest of the images, and to see you both when we are in Cabo next – XOXO Nancy + West

  2. What a magical day and well deserved by both!!! So happy to see the actual photos and how beautiful it all
    was, and how happy you two are. You both deserve the best and happiest of marriages……….
    GG & Paga

  3. These are beautiful! I love the light and the spirit. I feel like I was there. Nancy I can feel you and West in every moment. What a beautiful location and event. Will you do it again????????

  4. What gorgeous pictures!! The photos are really romantic yet incredibly sweet and playful – it’s a great combination! You captured their personalities but most of all, their love for each other. so well done, truly.

  5. What an amazingly beautiful wedding. These pictures capture everyone and the moment so perfectly!!! I just love them!! Well done!! So wonderfully magical!! Love, Diane

  6. Wow – I can feel the magic of that most magical day! Every picture brought out the personalities of the people that we know so well and love so much.

  7. I had heard that this was a simple wedding, but it looks pretty elaborate to me. What gorgeous pictures. I am so happy for both of them

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