Cabo San Lucas wedding hair and make-up.Photos

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Destination wedding hair and make up is very different then any other hair and make up. It is not the same as fashion make up or normal event make up. I highly recommend using someone that specializes in  hair and make-up for Wedding’s

Make up by Suzanne Morel
Make up by Suzanne Morel

You can´t imagine what a great make-up artist and hairstylist can provide on your the wedding day…” Alec & T. Photography

Cabo hair and Make up Suzanne Morel
Cabo hair and Make up Suzanne Morel


The entire point of a destination wedding is luxury to the point of perfection, so aside from picking the best wedding venue possible—which, incidentally, Mexico is particularly popular for, as evidenced by celebrated locales such as San Jose Del Cabo, Cabo, Los Cabos, and Cabo San Lucas—you’ll also need to put due consideration of the hair and makeup details of your impending nuptials. You must hire hair and makeup stylists to make sure that these details are done just right on your big day.

In order to ensure that your pictures will come out gorgeous, you’ll need to help your wedding photographer out by hiring a professional to do your wedding hair and makeup justice. Besides which, taking care of this issue in advance will save you some stress and help you worry about more important matters, like venue selection or how many of your guests will be able to make it to your marriage ceremony. Firstly, phoning your family members and friends for advice is definitely a must, especially if they’ve had prior wedding arrangement experience.


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