Cabo San Lucas Wedding Esperanza Resort WOW! Destination Mexico

My barefoot bride chose Esperanza resort in Mexico to have her first class destination wedding. Meredith and Paul’s wedding was fun,  spontaneous and completely relaxed..They picked the perfect couple to shoot their wedding.  When Alec and I arrived and I looked at Meredith I knew this was going to be a day of great photos. The first thing I did was run over and give her a big hug and kiss and then meet everyone else in the room. As we started to shoot I realized she was missing shoes.. This is the way she stayed all night, MY BAREFOOT BRIDE.  I think mostly everyone was shoeless, Its was perfect.  Arianna from Esperanza planned this wedding with perfect orchestration.  Meredith and Paul loved Arianna.( everyone always dos)  The night seemed to fly by so fast. I’m excited for this blog post. I’m excited for Meredith and Paul to have the chance to relive their wedding day. Besos and more more besos.  T

Esperanza Resort  - 0012211
The pool at Esperanza is a great photo back drop
Esperanza Resort  - 0022011
I truly love Mexico
Esperanza Resort  - 0032111
getting ready

Esperanza Resort  - 0042111  Esperanza Resort  - 0051911  Esperanza Resort  - 0061911

Esperanza Resort  - 0071911
Jackson and Wyatt/ total boys and absolutely adorable!! and love their Dad past the moon.

Esperanza Resort  - 0081811  Esperanza Resort  - 0091711

Esperanza Resort  - 0101811
Out of this world flowers
Esperanza Resort  - 0111611
The ceremony site
Esperanza Resort  - 0121611
2 minutes before the ceremony!!
Esperanza Resort  - 0131411
Minister John Fagan

Esperanza Resort  - 0141411  Esperanza Resort  - 0151211  Esperanza Resort  - 016121

Esperanza Resort  - 017111
I cant believe these little ones made it down the stairs and to the front with out missing a step!!

Esperanza Resort  - 01891

Esperanza Resort  - 020101
Here comes the bride

Esperanza Resort  - 01991  Esperanza Resort  - 02181

Esperanza Resort  - 02281
Esperanza Resort is breath taking
Esperanza Resort  - 02381
the wedding vows
Esperanza Resort  - 02461
One of my favorite photos
Esperanza Resort  - 02571
One, two, three
Esperanza Resort  - 02661
Four, Five, Six. Great Job!

Esperanza Resort  - 02751  Esperanza Resort  - 02841  Esperanza Resort  - 02931  Esperanza Resort  - 03031

Esperanza Resort  - 03131
One lens in hand, one lens in the sand
Esperanza Resort  - 03231
Another version with out Alec!

Esperanza Resort  - 03331  Esperanza Resort  - 03431  Esperanza Resort  - 03531

Esperanza Resort  - 03631
What a veil
Esperanza Resort  - 03721
Yes, we will toss the bouquet..Lets see if it holds up??
Esperanza Resort  - 03821
Up, Up and Away….Please,  catch it Paul!!
Esperanza Resort  - 03921
Its a mid air catch and the bouquet passes the test! Good job Elena,  flowers that stand the test of Alec and T Photography!!
Esperanza Resort  - 04011
Jackson shares a friend
Esperanza Resort  - 04121
a closer look

Esperanza Resort  - 04221

Esperanza Resort  - 04321
Esperanza Resort  - 04411
wedding favors
Esperanza Resort  - 04511
The reception
Esperanza Resort  - 04611
Damn Damy you rock!

Esperanza Resort  - 04711

Esperanza Resort  - 04811
Night begins to fall
Esperanza Resort  - 04911
We have seen many fire work shows but this one took the prize!! WOW and Wyatt agrees

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8 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas Wedding Esperanza Resort WOW! Destination Mexico”

  1. Sandy Eichelberger

    These are so wonderful–they truly capture the personalities of those photgraphed-especially Meredith.(my baby girl). They are absolutely exquisite and I can’t wait for the “real thing”!!

  2. How do you guys do it time and time again? Every wedding looks different from the next, the personality of the bride and groom seems to come to life and everyone looks like they are having fun.I cant believe I have you as my photographers I’m so excited to my photos next year!

  3. Absolutely amazing pictures. They all look like they belong in a magazine. I can’t wait to see more. It was wonderful meeting you both.

  4. Wow! Amazingly beautiful!!! I wish we could have made it. Believe me when I say I tried. The money and vacation time from work kept us away. But it looks like you had an incredible wedding. I love the pictures, too. Especially the one with Paul and his boys. He is such a fine looking, young man. He looks so much like his dad. I am glad to have you in the family now. You remind me so much of Paula’s spirit- very warm and fun to be around. I wish both of you so much happiness and joy. Congratulations.

  5. Looking at the pictures of the wedding only makes me think of my brother Lonnie and the smile that would have been on his face as he watched the ceremony. That would be nothing as compared to the ear to ear grin on Paula’s face. I know they would be so proud of both of you. It must have been a wonderful, unforgetable occasion. Keep the pictures though and enjoy looking at them on your 50th wedding anniversary. You’ll probably be barefooted then too!

  6. Grace and Bob Walker

    Paul Im so glad I saw you in Lowes and got to see these beautiful pictures..Just made me think of Paula and Lonnie so much and how happy they are smiling down from heaven..Love to both of you and thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us..Our best wishes always.

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