Cabo San Lucas Villa Wedding,Villa Cielito Photography By Alec and T.

Thinking of a Villa wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico? Great idea. Cabo has some amazing villas for weddings, and Alec and I know them all. I have my favorite villas so feel free to contact meand I will share the list. When planning a villa wedding, you have many things to think about. Number one, you must hire a wedding planner; do not even think about doing it with out one, even if you own the villa. Contact me, I will direct you. Number two, find that perfect villa. Alec and I work hand-in-hand with Cabo Villas and we have a long, beautiful relationship with the company and trust them completely. I believe the benefits of a villa wedding outweigh the extra work and if you’re a wedding planner that is on top of everything, you should not feel a thing. LOL. I am all about privacy and intimacy and Villa Events provide you with both. Villa Cielito is located in Cabo San Lucas corridor, about 15 minutes from downtown Cabo. It has 7 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms and sleeps 16, one of the few villas you can stay up late and dance all night! Praise God for no neighbors. Sara and Caden could not have been a nicer couple, super easy going and a joy to photograph.I think the photos of this wedding captured the day perfectly! The wedding video is next on the list to complete and it is really fun! Blessings T

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Private Villas  - 001_AlecT_Photo24
Villa wedding in Cabo, Wedding photography Alec and T
Private Villas  - 002_AlecT_Photo23
Los Cabos wedding

Private Villas  - 003_AlecT_Photo20  Private Villas  - 004_AlecT_Photo22

Private Villas  - 005_AlecT_Photo22  Private Villas  - 006_AlecT_Photo21  Private Villas  - 007_AlecT_Photo24  Private Villas  - 008_AlecT_Photo19  Private Villas  - 009_AlecT_Photo22  Private Villas  - 010_AlecT_Photo23  Private Villas  - 011_AlecT_Photo20

Private Villas  - 012_AlecT_Photo21
Destination wedding Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Private Villas  - 013_AlecT_Photo23

Private Villas  - 014_AlecT_Photo21
The Villa has a beautiful private beach for the wedding ceremony

Private Villas  - 015_AlecT_Photo20  Private Villas  - 016_AlecT_Photo20  Private Villas  - 017_AlecT_Photo20  Private Villas  - 018_AlecT_Photo20  Private Villas  - 019_AlecT_Photo21

Private Villas  - 020_AlecT_Photo21  Private Villas  - 021_AlecT_Photo19  Private Villas  - 022_AlecT_Photo18  Private Villas  - 023_AlecT_Photo20  Private Villas  - 024_AlecT_Photo20  Private Villas  - 025_AlecT_Photo19  Private Villas  - 026_AlecT_Photo20  Private Villas  - 027_AlecT_Photo18  Private Villas  - 028_AlecT_Photo22  Private Villas  - 029_AlecT_Photo18  Private Villas  - 030_AlecT_Photo18  Private Villas  - 031_AlecT_Photo19  Private Villas  - 032_AlecT_Photo16  Private Villas  - 033_AlecT_Photo17  Private Villas  - 034_AlecT_Photo16  Private Villas  - 035_AlecT_Photo17

Private Villas  - 036_AlecT_Photo18
Saras sister and brother in law, this photo needs a frame!

Private Villas  - 037_AlecT_Photo17

Private Villas  - 038_AlecT_Photo16
Cabo local Band!
Private Villas  - 039_AlecT_Photo16
Fireworks in Cabo!

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2 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas Villa Wedding,Villa Cielito Photography By Alec and T.”

  1. Beau-ti-ful!!! Alec and T you have captured Sara and Caden’s wedding superbly! The anticipation and the joy, touching and the tender, the precious and the exciting. We can’t wait to see more. You’re right the location was perfect and we danced the night away, long into the night.

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