Cabo San Lucas- Trash The Dress- Alec & T Photography

Woohoo! Trash the Dress -Mess The Dress! What are you saving the dress for? In 5 years it will be totally out of style..Did you wear your moms dress? Lol – I think everyone should take as many photos as possible in their dress! Alec and I love these shoots . They are fun- sexy -breathtaking! You will never be as young as you are at this very minute.Preserve your youth & capture your spirit- Joey and Alice had a blast and so did we!! xx T

Trash The Dress  - 004_AlecT-Alice-102213
OMG she looks beautiful!
Trash The Dress  - 002_AlecT-Alice-102213
right at sunset – just before I missed the boat and was almost pulled out to sea…lol

Trash The Dress  - 003_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 001_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 005_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 006_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 007_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 008_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 009_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 010_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 011_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 012_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 013_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 014_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 015_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 016_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 017_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 018_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 019_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 020_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 021_AlecT-Alice-102213

Trash The Dress  - 022_AlecT-Alice-102213

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1 thought on “Cabo San Lucas- Trash The Dress- Alec & T Photography”

  1. OMG these photos are AMAZING!!!!!!! We had such a great time taking these, we’re so happy we did the trash the dress session!!! Every couple should have this experience!!!

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