Cabo San Lucas- Intimate Vow Renewal at One & Only Palmilla Resort

This wedding vow renewal was hosted by One & Only Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos Mexico. The resort has the perfect setting,  for anyone thinking of  renewing their wedding vows.  The One & Only s Chapel is as charming as can be. ” A wedding chapel by the sea”   Its the perfect back drop for photographs. Every time we shoot one of these intimate events, I am touched. I mean really.. how could you not be. I think that anytime 2 people make an effort to express their love and commitment to each other, Its big! I get to reflect on my own marriage , every wedding Alec and I shoot. And trust me I do~ Its all just a perk of what we do. Beautiful flowers by Pina~  Thank you Arianna, One & Onlys  wedding coordinator ~ your always in great hands with her.  Mr and Mrs. Peters!! Thank you so very much~ xoxo Alec & T.

One & Only Palmilla  - 002_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT2

One & Only Palmilla  - 003_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 004_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 005_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 006_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 007_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 008_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 009_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 010_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 011_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 012_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 013_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 014_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

One & Only Palmilla  - 015_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT4

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1 thought on “Cabo San Lucas- Intimate Vow Renewal at One & Only Palmilla Resort”

  1. Oh My God. Beautiful, As i view the pictures I can feel & see the Sincerity and the Love for your Beautiful Family. May God continue to Bless you all and keep you close in Love. I Love You All forever and ever.

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