Cabo San Lucas Destination Wedding Photographers Alec and T. Photography

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Weddings in the East Cape of  Mexico. When I say “East Cape” I’m talking about  approx 30 minutes from San Jose Del Cabo and about 50 minutes from Cabo San Lucas . The great benefit of  having an East Cape wedding is music , Many of the villas in Cabo have a 10 or 11 pm shut off time …The East Cape, you can pretty much party all night. I love to talk about weddings,  I could talk all day about them!! When I met Dustin for the first time over the phone we talked for over an hour, he told me about Annie his business and his children and I got his priorities instantly. When ever we are hired be anther photographer I feel honored! Thank You Annie!! When I met Annie, her eyes said it all.. I’m true..I’m beautiful.. I’m good.. I’m as loving as it gets!  Alec and I watched the wedding unfold before us and knew that we were the perfect match, to capture the true moments of the day. We also captured the wedding video,  Alec and T. wedding videos feel just like our photography, Stress free!! Wow just wait. Its all about moments in time. Dustin and Annie, love to you and your great family’s we treasure the opportunity  to have been apart of your wedding!! xoxoox T

Thank you to Cabo wedding planners Baja Weddings

Private Villas  - 001511
Joy Joy Joy
Private Villas  - 002311
Sunset in Cabo San Lucas

Private Villas  - 003311  Private Villas  - 004311  Private Villas  - 005311

Private Villas  - 006311
The story of the rings

Private Villas  - 007311

Private Villas  - 008311
Dustin you are making me cry!!
Private Villas  - 009311
Our cameras see  family and love and life!!

Private Villas  - 010311  v

Private Villas  - 011711

Private Villas  - 012411

Private Villas  - 01341

Private Villas  - 01441

Private Villas  - 01541

Private Villas  - 01641

Private Villas  - 01741

Private Villas  - 01841

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2 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas Destination Wedding Photographers Alec and T. Photography”

  1. Thank you so much for capturing our most precious memories forever! I’ve received RAVE compliments on your style, quality and emotional view of our wedding day. I can’t wait to see the rest and look through them again and again. I always thought it was silly when women put up tons of wedding photos in their home, but now I know why! They’re going to be in every room of our new house so we will always be reminded of the happiest day we became a family… and met you two wonderful photographers. Now please move to Iowa so you can capture the many milestones to come.

  2. WOW, mere words can not describe how artistically & beautifully your eye, through your camera’s lens, has captured these most treasured moments for Dustin & Annie!! Stunning & captivating!
    Each & every time I view these photos, which is quite often, I need kleenex. Thank you Alec & T!!!

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