Cabo San Lucas Destination Wedding Photographer Hacienda

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Mexico Destination weddings. A great excuse for a perfect wedding. I was thinking about the advantages to a destination wedding and I could not stop counting them. Beautiful surroundings~your closest family and friends~Mini vacation~bounding of family’s~Less stress~Smaller group saves your budget~suntans and margaritas~no shoes~no office~ I can go on and on. I am sitting in my Office in Cabo San Lucas this very minute. I have a view of a golf coarse that ends at the ocean, The temperature is about 80-85 with a summer breeze… OK you got the picture its just about perfect. No one ever wants to leave Cabo. Its a perfect spot for a wedding getaway. My business is destination.  Alec and I have done 100s of them, they are truly different then a local wedding in so many ways. If done correctly.. with a good wedding planner.. you should have zero stress and the wedding of your dreams. This wedding took place at Hacienda Cocina and Catina a great wedding location in Cabo San Lucas. Thank you Kelsey & Josh for inviting us to shoot your wedding. Alec and I walked away from this wedding with a great feeling this couple had hearts of gold and deserve all the best the world has to offer them~ Our best to you both!! xT

Hacienda Beach Club  - DSC0230-Edit-Edit
Cheers in Los Cabos~ Wedding Photography Alec and T

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1 thought on “Cabo San Lucas Destination Wedding Photographer Hacienda”

  1. Kelsey Steinfeld

    Alec and T you are AMAZING!!! You truly made our wedding day what it was, and that was beyond our wildest dreams! You are both so talented!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful photos, we will cherish them always:)

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