Casa Del Mar Beach Resort

Cabo Photographer- AlecandT- Casa Del Mar Beach Resort. Wedding Planning and Design by : Be That Bride Events. Thank you so much to the whole team- everyone put such passion, love and care into this event! Victoria and Michael, such a beautiful couple inside and out, when I look at these photos of you guys running and laughing on the beach.  I see so much love and so much joy, I am transcended back to your wedding day. Cabo San Lucas is very different then most destinations. The beaches in Cabo have energy that is mesmerizing, captivating , enchanting. I  truly believe  value for value… nothing comes close to having a destination beach wedding in Los Cabos . I love Casa Del Mar Beach Resort.  I have been in the wedding industry for almost 15 years . Starting in Los Angeles California, moving into Orange County, New Port Beach and San Diego, before starting in Cabo San Lucas 10 years ago. I can compare my California weddings to me Cabo weddings… Cabo is unique, it will capture your heart and you will never be the same. Victoria and Michael, I am hoping that Alec and I will be able to have margaritas with you at least once a year!

Please reach out to us for Wedding Planning and Design- Photography and video services- we would love so much to be apart of your event in Cabo San Lucas

Casa Del Mar  - 001_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 002_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 003_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V

Casa Del Mar  - 005_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V

Casa Del Mar  - DSC9366-Edit-Edit

Casa Del Mar  - 006_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 007_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 008_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 009_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 010_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 011_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 012_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 013b_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 014_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 015_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 016_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 017_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 018_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 019_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 020_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 021_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 022_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 023_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 024_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 025_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 026_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 027_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 028_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 029_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 030_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 031_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 032_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 033_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 034_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 035_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 036_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 037_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 038_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 039_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 040_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V

Casa Del Mar  - DSC9335-Edit  Casa Del Mar  - 041_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 042_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V

Casa Del Mar  - DSC9482  Casa Del Mar  - 043_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 044_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 045_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 046_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 047_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 048_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 049_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V  Casa Del Mar  - 050_Cabo-Wedding-Planner-V

To play wedding day video, please click image bellow:


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