Cabo Event – Alec and T Photography

Cabo Event – Alec and T Photography.  Beautiful wedding photos,  Beautiful couple. The entire wedding party danced into the ceremony. God I loved that!  I was so impressed , by everything!  Alec ( my Alec) and Janeane ( the bride) attended the same school, Culver academy- in  beautiful, but ..FREEZING Indiana. It took Alec 3 years to defrost- at USC. We all ended up in southern California- The world seems to get smaller the more I travel it.  I think its only normal Janeane & Nick would choose a Warm- Sunny -Beach side to marry.  Alec and I would capture it! We had the pleasure of meeting up a few weeks ago in Los Angles at the SLS in Beverly Hills- A super cool hotel- kick ass- Must see Must stay!  6 nights of rest and shopping!! LOL and one night of hanging out with with this dear couple- One of my favorite evenings in a very long time. I am very proud of these photos!! OMG the trash the dress “Mess The dress” blogging in a few hours! xx T


Hacienda Beach Club  - 001_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 002_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 003_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 004_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 005_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 006_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 007_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 008_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane
That is MOM- no one could believe it. Give me that green juice!!

Hacienda Beach Club  - 009_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 010_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 011_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 012_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 013_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 014_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane
YES! everyone danced in

Hacienda Beach Club  - 015_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 016_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 017_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 018_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 019_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 020_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 021_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 022_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 023_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 024_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 025_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 026_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 027_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 028_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 029_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 030_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 031_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 032_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane
These are the best moments-

Hacienda Beach Club  - 033_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 034_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 035_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 036_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 038_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 039_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 040_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 041_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 042_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 043_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 044_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 045_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 046_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 047_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 049_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 050_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 051_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 052_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 053_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 054_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 055_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 056_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 057_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 058_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 059_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 060_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 061_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 062_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane

Hacienda Beach Club  - 063_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane



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1 thought on “Cabo Event – Alec and T Photography”

  1. From the bride and groom, we are SOOOOOO happy with these photos, there really are no words to describe how fantastic Alec & T are!

    From the moment I sent an email inquiry through the website, our beautiful journey with Alec & T began. T insisted on having a phone call to let me know how they worked and make sure we would be a good fit for each other. I inquired with 3 photographers and T was the only one to do this, and wow I’m so glad she did, it completely solidified my choice!

    We met T a year before our wedding when we made a trip to Cabo to sign contracts and meet vendors and we knew we had made the right choice. She was so bubbly and friendly and full of so much knowledge and fantastic advice for us. We couldn’t wait to keep working with her.

    Over the next year, T was there for me to pick her brain about things that weren’t even necessarily photography related (her timeline ideas were PERFECT!) and never once made it seem like I was bothering her or my questions/concerns were silly or too small. Alec & T’s wealth of knowledge about Cabo and the vendors/services there is second to none.

    When it got to the day of the wedding, Alec & T were fantastic! They were on time, professional, prepared, knowledgeable and efficient. But above all, they made everyone feel comfortable and like we had known them for years. They made taking photos feel so natural and effortless… and FUN!!! My wedding planner said she has never seen photographers more dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot.

    Two days after our wedding, we went out to the Arch at Land’s End to do a Trash the Dress shoot (check them out on the Trash the Dress blog!!) with Alec & T. It was AMAZING!! They knew exactly where to take the best shots and we had so much fun in the sand and the water taking what we knew were going to be beautiful pictures.

    We had high expectations for our photos, but Alec & T have done the impossible and exceeded even those! We couldn’t have asked for better photographers to capture these fantastic memories. Thank you Alec & T, we adore you both! xoxo

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