Boudoir photography Cabo San Lucas

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Boudoir photography Cabo San Lucas- Alec and T. Think about this – on vacation( always wanted a few sexy photos before you die! LOl) or a wedding gift to your new or soon to be husband- Alec and I can make them Hot -hot -Hot or  just simply sexy. The session are fun and take about 2 hours! We do not not do  have set studio shots, we shoot on the fly- Our lighting is beautiful and fresh . We have learned over the past 12 years to take natural light and work it to is best. I spent 20 years of my life as a ballerina , I promise i will know what to do with your body! You really do not need to be perfect as below!! I LOVE you Anastasia – You should see her photos, I think she got about 250 perfect shots!! I want to brag a bit.. with Alec and T – you really get 100s and 100s of perfect photos.. not 20 good ones and all , that’s right EVERYONE is edited.. Worth the price?? You can look at my reviews over 400 clients say yes ,way way worth it!! Shoot me an email! T

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  1. We have been married for 7 years and my wife wants to be photographed on our up coming vacation to Cabo. She wants multiple shoots in different locations and change of outfits . She also wants a photographer or team that is open to shooting her naked in some creative and provocative poses. We are both okay if you have a team of a few photographers that are male or female and interested in watching the nude shoot and taking additional photos for fun and practice. She wants some photos that are close ups on her lady parts and will spread open if you do those photos. We can pay in cash or PayPal or Venmo. We will allow you and your photography friends keep all photos and videos for memories and sharing with friends . Wife is also cool if you want to post her photos on line . We want to make the photo shoot fun and would like to provide some champagne and drinks for you guys while she gets nude .

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