Best Destination Wedding Photos of the Year 2013- By: Alec and T Photography

I would like to reach out to all of our Cabo San Lucas Mexico 2013 Wedding Couples-  We send you a heartfelt thank you!  We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to share craft with you , your family and friends. Not a day gos by that Alec and I do not feel blessed, for the life that we have today.  As I looked at a few photos from 2013  and 2012, I am not kidding- I cried and laughed and transcended back to your wedding day. Alec and I have become much more then “Your Wedding Photographer” to most of you- maybe all of you. Thank you my friends.  As 2014 approaches I can only hope and pray that our up and coming couples will touch my heart as much as you all have !! I will be adding  more photos to this list as we complete weddings from Nov -December- I wish I could add 200!!!

In the coming year… Enjoy the process of your life~ Enjoy your family and friends, with all their faults~ Hug more~ Laugh all the time~ Wake up happy and go to sleep dreaming great things~ KISS,  long and hard ~ Jump in the air as much as possible~ Dance while you cook and listen to loud music~ Embrace your Memories!! Love Alec and T

Photos We Love  - 020_Alec-and-T-Photography33
What a moment
Photos We Love  - 006_Alec-and-T-Photography34
Its a priceless few seconds in time!
Photos We Love  - 021_Cabo-Photographer-Alec-and-T14
Love this !!
Photos We Love  - 001_Alec-and-T-Photography37
Romantic- Esperanza
Photos We Love  - Jessica_girlsBoard1
Pure fun the Girls
Photos We Love  - 002_AlecT-Photography9
Cabo Del Sol
Photos We Love  - 048_Alec-and-T_CaboPhotographer2
Oh yeah!!
Photos We Love  - 002_AlecT-Lucia-SB1108131
The guys
Photos We Love  - 001_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT8
More guys- Of course they like the photo time!! LOL
Photos We Love  - 002_Alec-and-T-Photography37
They do have fun and we shoot them super fast!
Photos We Love  - 004_Alec-and-T-Photography36
The parents
Photos We Love  - 001_Cabo-Photographer-Alec-and-T15
3 generations!
Photos We Love  - 001_Alec-and-T-Photography38
Fun at night!
Photos We Love  - 001_AlecT-Photography10
Fun during the day!!
Photos We Love  - 003_Alec-and-T-Photography35
Always his little girl-
Photos We Love  - 005_Alec-and-T-Photography38
Photos We Love  - 005_Alec-and-T-Photography37
Getting ready
Photos We Love  - 003_Alec-and-T-Photography36
Romance on the beach
Photos We Love  - 001_Alec-and-T-Photography39
Stunning brides
Photos We Love  - 001_Alec-and-T-Photography40
More stunning brides!
Photos We Love  - 004Alec-and-T-Photography2
Bridal party!!
Photos We Love  - 036_Alec-and-T-Photo3
Photos We Love  - 003_Cabo-Photographer-Alec-and-T16
Great Group photos
Photos We Love  - 001_Cabo-Photographer-Alec-and-T16
Photos We Love  - 009_AlecandT_Photography27
pure Joy
Photos We Love  - 001_Cabo-Photographer-Alec-and-T17
OMG we had so much fun!!
Photos We Love  - 047_AlecandT_Photography13
More JOY LOl
Photos We Love  - 055_AlecandT_Photography9
Photos We Love  - 001_AlecandT_Photography32
Fireworks in Cabo!
Photos We Love  - 002Alec-and-T-Photography2
Mariachis in Mexico!!
Photos We Love  - 001_AlecT-Photography11
Romantic sunsets
Photos We Love  - 032_Alec-and-T_CaboPhotographer5
Photos We Love  - 002_AlecT-Alice-1022131
Amazing Sunsets

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1 thought on “Best Destination Wedding Photos of the Year 2013- By: Alec and T Photography”

  1. Stunning photos!! We can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding! Hopefully we make your best of 2014 pics!!

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