Beautiful Esperanza Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

This Esperanza wedding was very special to Alec and I. Cassandra and Skylar could not have been two nicer people to work with, I cannot say enough great things about them. Cassandra had a definite style, nothing flashy or over the top. From her wedding dress that just draped perfect on her perfect body, to her shoes, to the simple elegant table settings, the cocktail hours great champagne and ceviche. Everything was first class all the way. They chose to use  earth tones and let the Esperanza resort and ocean be the backdrop of the wedding. Everything they did worked. Oh and the wedding bouquet!! Lily of the valley. Extremely rare for Mexico and very hard to get , It grows in cool temperatures. How did you get those fresh???? They looked like she ran outside and freshly picked them before walking down the isle ..Another perfect detail. Cassandra and Skylar we cant wait to see you sometime soon in LA!!  Alec & T

Esperanza Resort  - 00161
Esperanza Resort, Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Esperanza Resort  - 00251
Just before the wedding ceremony. I loved this peaceful moment
Esperanza Resort  - 00361
Lily of the Valley and the perfect bridal shoes
Esperanza Resort  - 00451
The ceremony set up blended with the lands scape it was wonderful and elegant
Esperanza Resort  - 00551
the ceremony
Esperanza Resort  - 00651
The freshness of this wedding was what grabbed my attention, we kept all our photos in the same theme
Esperanza Resort  - 00751
This priceless moment says so much
Esperanza Resort  - 00851
the wedding vows
Esperanza Resort  - 00951
Moments after the ceremony
Esperanza Resort  - 01061
The beach in front of Esperanza is totally private
Esperanza Resort  - 01141
this candid shot of the guys I loved. They were trying to get Cassandra to come for a photo and they did.
Esperanza Resort  - 01231
Esperanza Resort terraces
Esperanza Resort  - 01321
Alec tooks this photo. Its my favorite hidding spot at Esperanza
Esperanza Resort  - 01431
Esperanza has the best of both worlds the ocean and the green area

Esperanza Resort  - 01521

Esperanza Resort  - 01621
This Candid photo I loved !! If you look on top of the building the couple over looking is Grandma and Grandpa they wanted to see what was going on below and we captured it as fast as we could before the moment was over.

Esperanza Resort  - 01721

Esperanza Resort  - 01811
This is the most spectaculaur place to have dinner!! You can feel the mist off the ocean and the crashing waves will take your breath away!

Esperanza Resort  - 01911

Esperanza Resort  - 02011
just moments
Esperanza Resort  - 02111
Moments that mean the world
Esperanza Resort  - 02211
the first dance

Esperanza Resort  - 02311

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