Advantages of a destination wedding

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

The destination wedding is the ultimate variation of a grand, luxurious marriage ceremony. After all, what better way to improve your upcoming nuptials than to travel to a romantic place where you’ve never been in just to make this life-changing day even more special than before. As with everything else, there are certain pros and cons to having a destination wedding, but as many a married couple would attest, the advantages of this wedding type tend to outweigh the drawbacks more often than not. For instance, destination weddings can be celebrated in any way you like, whether you want them to be private affairs between the closest of your friends and family or grandiose spectacles wherein you’ve invited your entire neighborhood to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico destination wedding Photographers Alec & T.
Cabo San Lucas Mexico destination wedding Photographers Alec & T.

In essence, destination weddings can be as expensive as you want, so most any budget you have at hand should suffice in covering the entire event. By practicing a bit of pragmatism, prudence, and diligence, you should be able to find a luxurious wedding extravaganza to your liking that fits the allotted budget you have at hand. If money is no object to you, then of course you’ll be open to all sorts of options—like, say, having a wedding ceremony held at Paris, France and spending your honeymoon there as well. On that note, the ability to combine your wedding and honeymoon destination into just one place will assuredly get rid of any possible logistical headaches on your part as well.

Many resorts and hotels even encourage the “wedding now, honeymoon later” line of thinking by offering wedding plus honeymoon packages in one go, so combining the two into a month-long holiday of sorts will certainly simplify your nuptials for the better. To be true, because there are so many destination wedding venues out there, you should be able to find the best one that suits your needs and tastes. With that said, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Greece are premiere wedding locales that offer couples the historical ambiance and sophistication that they doubtlessly want to include into their nuptials.

Cabo Photographer Alec and T. Destination weddings
Cabo Photographer Alec and T. Destination weddings

The above mentioned countries all offer charming villas, enchanting, landscapes, and cosmopolitan cities that encompass the very best the world has to offer; therefore, they’re the perfect candidates for your lavish celebration of lifelong love and commitment. The mystical lands of the Far East are also viable options in terms of their multicultural atmosphere, their splendid panoramas, and their otherworldly oriental appeal that’s glamorous to behold.

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