Adrian and Danielle- Cabo San Lucas Wedding

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

I would like to say ,What an amazing wedding ,what a fantastic couple. Joy and happiness, was what this day was about. The love that was shared with family and friends is only to be explained as priceless. The wedding took place at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. Located in Cabo 10 minutes from downtown. The all inclusive resort is fabulous. 7-8 restaurants ” The market” super fun spot to hang out and have lunch or dinner. All the wedding locations are private 8 to choose from. I can help you with that, Reach out to me “T” Alecandt.com . I will guide you through the process of a perfect Cabo wedding.. from the very start until the very end. Our full services wedding planning is the way to go! All my best wishes to Adrian and Danielle

Photos by : Alec and Team

Regal Wedding Group Cabo
Los Cabos Wedding Ceremony
Los Cabos Wedding Reception

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